Phytowax ® |

Waxes from the olive.

High quality natural emollient that provides optimal comfort to the skin.

The Phytowax® range has been developed to meet the requirements of formulators through its various benefits. Different references are available with different melting points to obtain creamy, smooth, silky textures that are easy to apply.

* Organic version available.

Vegeline |

Texturizing and emollient agent of 100% vegetable origin.

Vegeline can be used as an alternative to petroleum jelly and paraffin.

Vegeline is a high performance moisturizer that prevents water loss from the skin. It has a “butter like” sensory effect, providing a soft and pleasant sensory effect during application. Vegeline also acts as a viscous agent in formulations and also possesses “film-forming” properties.

*2 grades available / Organic version available.


Hydrogenated Polysobutene

Oily multifunctional ingredient used as a base in different cosmetic formulations.
MC30 and MC 300 possess wetting and film-forming properties. Its characteristics allow the development of formulas with different textures.
It can be an excellent substitute for mineral oils.

*2 grados disponibles con diferentes niveles de viscosidad.

News |

Distributies enters into a business alliance with Sophim.

Con el fin de ofrecer mayor flexibilidad y proximidad a sus clientes, SOPHIM, empresa fabricante de ingredientes cosméticos, ha decidido apostar por una estructura de distribución en España.

DISTRIBUTIES es el nuevo aliado de distribución de los productos de SOPHIM en España y le brindará un apoyo estratégico en sus desarrollos garantizando la continuidad de sus suministros.