Phytosqualan ® |

High quality natural emollient that provides optimal comfort to the skin.

El Phytosqualan® is a vegetable squalane from the olive and recognized as the main ingredient in some cosmetic formulas. This ingredient is manufactured with advanced technology equipment and a unique process that guarantees premium quality.

Insapolive |

Unsaponifiable fraction of the olive.

The Olive contains key components suitable for the skin including Esqualene and sterols.. El Insapolive es rico en esqueleno is rich in skelene and actively participates in skin hydration./p>

It is also used as a co-emulsifier.

Biophytosebum ® |

Active natural emollient of
non-greasy characteristics.

Biophytosebum® offers a premium sensory on the skin.
100% of vegetable origin. It is composed of unsaponifiables and esters from the olive through a patented manufacturing process.
It is an ingredient that provides high moisture and nutrition to the skin. It’s not occlusive and can be a great alternative to Silicones.

Squapure |

Squalene of marine origin.

Squapure is a high purity natural squalene of marine origin.
This transparent oil is ideal for pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical applications as well as for food supplements.

Sophiderm |

Natural emollient of marine origin with a high antioxidant power.

Sophiderm is a natural squalane of marine origin..
Very stable ingredient thanks to its hydrogenation, it has recognized antioxidant powers and a strong affinity with the skin.

News |

Distributies enters into a business alliance with Sophim.

Con el fin de ofrecer mayor flexibilidad y proximidad a sus clientes, SOPHIM, empresa fabricante de ingredientes cosméticos, ha decidido apostar por una estructura de distribución en España.

DISTRIBUTIES es el nuevo aliado de distribución de los productos de SOPHIM en España y le brindará un apoyo estratégico en sus desarrollos garantizando la continuidad de sus suministros.