Biovolumen 128 TM |

Transform fine, thin locks into full-bodied hair.

BIOVOLUME 128 TM increases hair volume by forming chemical bonds and creates an antioxidant protective film on the hair surface. Unique linden species grown in a specific region of Turkey allow BIOVOLUME 128 TM to be rich in phytochemicals that help plump and moisturize hair.

Its biopolymeric content diffuses into the hair strands, helping the hair fibers retain more moisture while increasing hair volume.

Dandelix PRO TM |

Sebum regulation, scalp treatment, dandruff removal.

DANDELIX PRO TM is a natural anti-dandruff active ingredient that contains broad-spectrum antifungal activity. Limits the overproliferation of fungal species that cause dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp.

DANDELIX PRO TM significantly reduces the intensity of dandruff after the first wash and soothes irritated scalp. Relieves itching and shows remarkable results.

DANDELIX PRO TM is a promising natural ingredient for dandruff-related scalp problems.

Biovitrient 124 TM |

Multitask revitalizer for hair and scalp.

The secret of BIOVITRIENT 124 TM lies in the powerful combination of proteins, saponins, flavonoids and mucilage components that restore the protective layer of the hair. The rich phytochemical content of BIOVITRIENT 124 TM provides care from roots to ends, nourishes the scalp, rebalances the hair’s moisture level and prevents dehydration.

The shine-enhancing nutrition helps protect the hair fiber while smoothing the hair cuticle. The content of BIOVITRIENT 124 TM that does not damage the cuticles helps the hair to regain its integrity and restores its natural shine.

Pollufence TM |

Protects skin cells against pollutant-induced ROS and UV damage.

POLLUFENCE TM prevents skin damage caused by pollution by forming a barrier that prevents pollutant particles from adhering to the skin and repairs damaged skin by neutralizing free radicals caused by pollution.

Excellent source of powerful antioxidants that protects skin cells against pollutant-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) and UV damage. POLLUFENCE TM reduces visible skin damage – porphyrins, uneven skin texture, UV spots – caused by pollutants in just 28 days.


Magic touch around the eyes.

BIOMIRA 112 TM dramatically improves severe signs of aging around the eyes in mature skin.
It provides a total care approach to the eye contour that focuses on three main concerns: wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.
BIOMIRA 112 TM is particularly effective in eye contour treatments due to its anti-edema, free radical scavenger, circulation stimulation and visible tightening properties.

News |

Distributies enters into a business alliance with Sophim.

Con el fin de ofrecer mayor flexibilidad y proximidad a sus clientes, SOPHIM, empresa fabricante de ingredientes cosméticos, ha decidido apostar por una estructura de distribución en España.

DISTRIBUTIES es el nuevo aliado de distribución de los productos de SOPHIM en España y le brindará un apoyo estratégico en sus desarrollos garantizando la continuidad de sus suministros.